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Training goal: Take advantage of its own superior English teaching environment and the strong faculty that has cultivated many talents for Malaysia for many years, and cultivate outstanding international talents for various countries in the world including China.

Enrollment management: The university stipulates that the students approved for enrollment are managed by the Higher Education Center (PKP) in administration, the teaching management is arranged and implemented by the colleges, and the graduation diplomas are issued by the National University of Malaysia.

Study method: Complete all courses in accordance with the syllabus of each major of the college. International students and local students need to take unified examinations, internships, and assessments. Malaysia University degree certificate. International students can take some public courses that involve Malaysian culture, Malay language, etc., offered by the Higher Education Center. buy Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Phony diplomas online, phony degree Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, buy Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia fake transcript, get Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia fake certificate.

Teaching language: English (Malay-taught majors will be specifically marked on the page)
Degree awarded: Degree from National University of Malaysia
Educational system: 3 years and above for undergraduate professional courses (different academic systems for different majors)
Course structure: university public courses, basic courses of various majors, professional courses I, professional courses II, elective courses;
Teaching method: full-time teaching, using classroom teaching, homework, tutoring, project topics, teaching practice, and thesis. Some professional courses are taught in small classes, each with about 25 students.